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Subject: Celebrating our 1 Year Anniversary of Sammy's Gotcha Date!

Hi Melanie and Carolina Canine Rescue Team,

One year ago today we welcomed Sammy (previously known as Shaggy) into our lives.  He is a wonderful, loving, sweet, cuddly, adorable pup and we cannot imagine our lives without him.  Sammy continues to fill our lives with love, licks, and lots of joy.  He loves to take walks and to play and is a perfect companion for us.  We cannot thank you enough for giving us the opportunity to bring Sammy into our home and our lives.  We love him and are grateful for the work you do to give these special dogs a chance for the lives they deserve.

Sincerely yours,

Ellen & Steven 

Wheatfield, NY



Hi Melanie,
We want to let you know that everything went perfectly when we picked up Shaggy (whom we renamed Sammy) from the transport on Saturday morning.  We have had a wonderful few days with our darling dog and he is as sweet in person as he was in his video.  We called Home Again yesterday and got Sammy's microchip registered and ordered his permanent tag.  Today we went to the vet and got Sammy started on his heartworm prevention medication.  We also visited our town clerk and got his dog license.  He has already brought so much joy to our lives and we are head over heels in love with him.  Once again we want to thank you and your organization, especially the foster families and transport teams, for the amazing work you do.


Sincerely yours,

Ellen & Steven 



                Hey there,

Cassy has been such a good little girl since she's been home and is adjusting great. Here are a few pictures of her new home and her first Sunday brunch at one of the local haunts

Sophie, Bryan, Riley and Cassy


Hi, I don't want to sound redundant but We are so in love with Ally!! and the feeling is definitely mutual :-) Her favorite place to sleep is between me and my husband on one of our pillows . I bought her the same kind of food you had been feeding her and she is eating well. Having fun chasing the squirrels and the chipmunks in the backyard. She is so fast and she hops like a bunny rabbit. It is so cute ! She went with me to the post office today, was a champ in the car. And when I go to work on Thurs. I am going to bring her to the office to meet my co-workers and then my son will take her home.I love how gentle she is with her toys and her sweet kisses. My bathroom door doesn't shut tightly so she right away when I go in there pushes the door open and lays on the rug in front of the sink. She is funny. I love her so very much!!! thank you again 1million times !! :-) 
If you ever need me to use as a reference for your organization I would be happy to.




Diamond is settling in. She has acclimated quite well. She has made friends with my daughters dog and they play like crazy when we go there.

She is doing well with leash walking and learning commands. I am working with a trainer some to get started off right.
Thank you very much!


Buffalo, NY 


Hi Melanie,


Just wanted to give you an update on Princess Leia now called Esme.  We are so lucky to have gotten her.  She is an absolute angel with no exaggeration.  She is loving, kind, smart, and obedient.   She learned the dog door in 3 days and is completely house trained and a great listener.   We absolutely love her.  She is such a perfect loving little dog.   Honestly, we could not have gotten or trained a better dog. 

We appreciate what you do, and wanted to know that she got a great loving home.   She is very happy.   About a month after getting Esme we got a 1 year old Rat Terrier Rescue called Tula.  They are absolutely best friends, and love each other.  Esme is extremely loved and part of our family.  

All the best,

Lee and Karen Rockey


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Good Afternoon,

Just wanted to say thank you again for our awesome dog Stanley! He's the sweetest and loves everyone, even the cats who don't quite like him yet.



I adopted my Kailey  [Pearl] 2 months ago and just wanted to send a picture and update.  She's really doing great.   I love her to pieces and I think she loves being here with me.  She weighs 14 lbs, has developed more  brown spots and her coat has become wavy.  Thank you for what you do in helping find homes for our best friends. 

Beverly  Miller 






Picked up Daisy Lou around 1am this morning.  She has already made herself at home.  She is beautiful.

Thank you for all you do for these pups and thank you for all your help adopting 


St. Johnsville, NY


Buddy is doing wonderful.  We adore him!  He IS as sweet and adorable as you said he would be!!  We gave him a nice, warm bath and he looks beautiful.  I am making an appointment with the groomer today.  Walter is such a nice man!  I'm happy to know Buddy was in such good hands during his transport. He is being very spoiled, as this little boy so deserves.  Thank you for fostering him and taking care of him!! We are sooo happy to have him apart of our family!! ❤





Hi Melanie,

Skippy is now "Finch" and Barbie is now "Wren".  They are so sweet!.  I think they are perfect for us.   They're really timid and very reluctant to come to us-once we sweet talk them into getting close enough, they don't want us to stop touching them.

Thanks for what you do!

Susan and Nancy 

2017  MI

Hi Melanie,
Dixie has been doing great in obedience, and therapy too.She has her Rally Novice title and today she got her Beginners Novice Obedience title with a first place score!!!!!  She also has all the CGC titles and finished her Tail Waggin' Tutor qualification, but we're still going to keep going to the library. So we're going to stay with the TWT, Rally and Obedience and see how many titles she can get.  So far her name is Yeandle's Dixie, CGC CGCA CGCU TDI TDIA TDIAOV TWT RN BN  and I still have to apply for the AKC therapy titles.

So, Dixie is doing great and once she gets going she just keeps on going.  I feel bad, tho, bkz the winter was so cold, we didn't get many serious walks in, but now that it's getting nicer outside, we can go for longer walks.

And she is really smart- in the morning, she automatically goes to the left for her longer walks, and in the evening, she goes to the right to pee and then just automatically goes back to the door to come in.  And when we started going to obedience classes, it was really weird, bkz she knew some things that I never really had to teach her.  She knew where heel position and how to get there  from standing in front of me, so someone taught here something at some time. 
I'm just so happy with her, thank you again.

karen yeandle

 Hi Melanie,
Just wanted to let you know that Dixie passed her Therapy Dog Test on Saturday!!!  Now she can go to nursing homes, hospitals, and my favorite is to go to the library to let kids read to her.  They really seemed to like that when I did it with my previous dog.  Can't wait to get started.  If not for the paperwork

 Karen Yeandle


Hi Melanie!

I just wanted to let you know how incredibly happy we are with Snowbell (who we now call Bailey Bell)! She is just the sweetest, snuggliest, smartest dog ever, and is everything our family could ask for in a canine companion. 

We were very nervous about adopting a dog we'd never met and putting her through such a long trip, but even my husband agrees that it was the right call, because we would've missed out on our perfect dog if we hadn't taken the risk! 

Thank you again for all of your help and for saving her in the first place, your organization is really wonderful, and we are so happy that Bailey Bell is finally home! 


Hillary Teremy


Hello,  Honey arrived this morning. She is delight and exactly what we wanted. She has already made herself at home and seems to be doing well.

Thank you so much.

Bob and Joyce Wallace


... am so blessed to be able to adopt Kailey (Pearl)...


MD  2017

Shes sleeping on my lap right now.  We have fallen in love. Her quirky personality comes out more and more every day. 


VT  2017


Maritza  2017

Hi Melanie and Mo,

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to adopt Angel. She is just the sweetest thing. She's adjusting to her new home and has found her favorite spot – my favorite chair. She loves to sleep in my lap. I gave her a bath today and she looks beautiful.

OH 2017 


We are LOVING Dixie! Please let foster Mom Mo that she has settled in beautifully! We couldn't be happier.


PA 2017
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Things are going GREAT!  What an awesome dog!  We feel incredibly fortunate to have Ralphie in our lives, and he seems to be comfortable with us, too.  He has just merged right into the rhythm of our lives without missing a beat.  Our younger daughter, the one who is scared of dogs, is doing amazingly well, too.  Of course there are a few things he can work on, like not jumping on people, and having better leash manners, but even with those things he is fantastic.  We start obedience classes this coming Tuesday so we can be the best dog/owners team we can be!  Thank you again for this opportunity, and for saving Ralphie from the high-kill shelter!

Ellicott City, MD


Dear Melanie, It is a gorgeous day here in the Northeast and what makes it even more wonderful is our adorable Jinx, now named Jadah, is home! She is wonderful and has already filled our home with love.  We are so grateful to you and your organization.  The folks that transported her couldn't have been more special to Jadah and all the other pups in their care.  Again thank you and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!


Teri and Eric 

Gansevoort, NY